The Chairman of our Neurology department is Dr.Rajasekharan Nair MD DM MRCP, former Director-Professor and HOD of Neurology (Rtd.), Medical College, Trivandrum who received the “Best Doctor” award from Govt. of Kerala during 1997-98. More over he was the former president of the Neurological Society of India, and former Vice President of Indian Epilepsy Association and he had 48 years of professional experience.

Dr. Shaji Prabhakaran MD DM DPM PhD is heading our Neurology department, who was a Retired Professor & HOD of Neurology Dept. in Medical College, Trivandrum having 36 years of experience in Neurology as a teacher and examiner for DM Neurology..

There are one resident Physician, Physiotherapists and speech therapist. Comprehensive care for Acute Stroke, Epilepsy and various Neuromuscular disorders are treated with dedicated stroke ICU and experienced supportive staff. The department has a close laison with Neurosurgery department for Critical and Post operative care. The Neurology department is fully equipped to handle all routine and emergency situations

DNB course in this speciality has been started in the year 2018.


1. Dr. Shaji Prabhakaran MD(Gen. Medicine), DM(Neuro),DPM, FRCP(London), PhD(Neuro)
2. Dr. Rajasekharan Nair , MD, FRCP , DM (Neuro) ,FIAN ,FICP
3. Dr. Shafeeque MD(Gen. Medicine), DM(Neuro)
4. Dr. Malini Gopinath MD(Gen. Medicine), DM(Neuro)
5. Dr. ANISH L MD , DM (Neurology)

Dr. Shaji Prabhakaran is our HOD of Neurology department and was teacher for DM Neurology in Medical College, Trivandrum. Dr. Shafeeque have more than 13 years of experience and Dr. Malini Gopinath has 8 years of clinical experience in Neurology. The Neurology department is recognized for postgraduate training approved by National Board of Examinations as DNB Super Specialty programme. We provide Clinical posting in Medical Neurology, OPD, ward, Research designing and Bio Statistical support for thesis work, EMG, EEG make familiar with the working and electrophysiology for DNB trainees. Learn to do the tests like EEG, EMG, LP, Nerve & Muscular Biopsy by themselves.

  • Stroke Clinic
  • Epilepsy Clinic
  • Movement Disorder Clinic
  • Headache/ Vertigo clinics : Both adult and children with acute and chronic headaches are diagnosed and treated.
  • Neuromuscular section deals with acquired & inherited childhood adult neuromuscular illness.
  • Central Nervous infection section patients with meningitis, encephalitis and their complication, cognitive & Neuro-behavioural problems are diagnosed and treated