Plastic Surgery

This department has a team of highly experienced Cosmetic surgeons, offer the best services to all patients including a range of Cosmetic surgery procedures, liposuction, body contouring, breast augmentation, hair transplanting, body sculpting and all Microvascular and reconstructive procedures.Plastic and microvascular surgery is unavoidable to retain or regain the physical appearance and function after the occurrence of acute Trauma, severe Arthritis conditions, Nerve disorders, complex open wounds and congenital conditions.



The following is a comprehensive list of services available in this department.

• Repair of wounds including injuries to face and facial structure (hyper link-Injuries to eye lid, nose, external ear, lips, cheek).
• Management of fractures of face especially of orbit and nose
• Management of scars following injuries or surgeries such as ugly scars on face or elsewhere on the body, hypertrophic scars and keloids.
• Management of skin lesions on the body such as moles, cysts, tumours and skin cancers (hyper link- like basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma etc. Plastic surgery for these procedures aims at eradicating disease and reducing the scar on the skin.)
• Management of vascular anomalies (hamangiomas and vascular malformations)
• Reconstruction of skin & soft tissue defects(hyper link- defects may be due to injuries ,infection or cancers anywhere on the body) with skin grafting, flaps, VAC and Tissue Expanders
• Correction of birth defects (hyper link-cleft lip, cleft palate and related problems, absent ear, defective nose,congential defects of eye lids,nose,ear & neck)
• Congenital anomalies of chest including breast anomalies
• Congenital anomalies of genital regions like hypospadias, epispadias, buried penis, vaginal agenesis, clitoral hypertrophy and other related problems

Reconstructive Surgeries of hand (hyper link- Various Congenital anomalies of hand, congenital constriction bands on upper and lower limbs, repair and reconstruction of skin, tendons and nerves of hand following injuries, repair and reconstruction of peripheral blood vessels) Reconstruction of defective parts of the body (hyper link Reconstruction of eyelids, nose, ear, lips, scalp and neck deformities or defects acquired due to infection, trauma or cancer, surgical management of cancers of head & neck region, reconstruction of head & neck regions after cancer excision, reconstructive surgery for facial paralysis, management of lymphoedema of upper limb, lower limb and genitalia,reconstruction of breast after mastectomy using implant or using flaps, repair of incisional hernia with or without abdorninoplasty which can be combined with other gynaecological procedures, hymenoplasty, management of non-healing ulcers especially of legs)

Management of burns - primary and post bum problems
Cosmetic Surgery(hyper link- Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty for bat ear and other misshapen ears, Correction of size of lips, Surgery for aging face,
Face lift, Brow lift, Blepharoplasty, Neck lift Liposuction forsubmandibular area and neck, Cosmetic surgery of breasts such as-
Mastopexy for sagging breasts
Reduction mammoplasty
Augmentation mammoplasty
• Correction of tubular breast
• Removal of gynaecomastia in males
• Body contouring surgery like
Liposuction of chest, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms-
Abdominoplasty, Armplasty, Thighplasty Hair transplantation)

•Antologous fat injection to correct depressions on the surface

Microsurgery Replantation of amputated parts like fingers, hand, penis, & scalp/Repair & reconstruction of injured peripheral nerves/Nodovenous anastamosis in lymphoedema/ Microvascular free flap surgery for covering complicated defects following trauma, especially legs or cancer excision