Urology & Andrology

Birth defects like congenital disorders, treatment of kidney and bladder stones, cancer care, management of incontinence, infertility and erectile disorders are some of the areas where we excel. Lithotripsy, Endo-urology, TURP and laparoscopic Urological surgeries are performed regularly. We use highly sophisticated and refined equipments for minimally invasive surgery


1. Dr. ASHISH S NAIR, MS (Gen.Surgery), MCh (Uro)
2. Dr. JOY JYOTHIS. P. S , MS (Gen.Surgery), MCh (Uro)
3. Dr. SRIKUMAR RAMACHANDRAN, MS (Gen.Surgery), MCh (Uro)


• Cystoscopy
• Ureterorenoscopy, Laser Lithotripsy for Renal, ureteric and bladder stones
• Extracorporeal Lithotripsy (ESWL) for nonsurgical management of renal stones
• Bipolar TURP and TURBT for Prostatic enlargement and bladder cancer
• TURP and TURBT (Conventional)
• Microsurgery
• Open Urolological Operations
• Microsurgical operations for Infertility
• Surgery for impotence including correction with penile implant.
• Tumour surgery
• All Urological emergencies including trauma cases.
• Laser Lithotripsy and Bipolar TURP/ TURBT are exclusive and unique procedures done in this hospital.

Our Transplant Surgery Team

1. Prof. Dr. Sivaramakrishnan.P MS, MCh Urologist,Andrologist Kidney Transplant Surgeon
2. Dr. Joy Jyothis. P. S MS, MCh Urologist
3. Dr. Srikumar Ramachandran MS, MCh Urologist
4. Dr. Ashish S Nair MS, MCh Urologist
5. Dr.Raj K MS MCh Thoracic Surgeon
6. Dr. Mahadevan R MS, MCh Thoracic Surgeon
7. Dr. Vijay Radhakrishnan MS, MCh Urologist